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Great Work! As noted by Go El, this information isn't hard to find. I'm no expert and I was able to easily find this information and identify these doctors months ago.

Since we know these perpetrators usually begin as victims in their childhood due to the generational nature of CS abuse, I believe it's important to look at family connections to identify additional potential members of the CS.

Guess who Dr. Ronald L Baird's aunt is? None other than Marjorie Pay Hinckley (Gordon B Hinckley's wife).

Ronald's Mother:


Joanne's sister:


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I want to contact Roselle to ask her to be a guest on my podcast.

Do you have her phone number?

Thanks upfront.

Jenny Hatch

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Aaaand, Kevin Annett said a whistleblower came forward and claimed the LDS leadership was involved /going to be involved (?) in a 9th circle ritual in Rome back in 2019 when they all went to Italy for the temple dedication and got their pictures taken in their white suits. He postulated that the rituals that would normally take place under the Vatican would be moved to the LDS temple because people were catching on to them! Sorry for my ADD distractions.

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Speaking of the LDS church and drugs, a survivor of SRA was interviewed by Kevin Annett and she mentioned how pharmaceuticals were tested on individuals (children) supplied by the LDS Deep Church. (Or whatever term you want to use).

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I think she’s the one who says the LDS leaders swapped children with Catholic leaders in the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City. (which oddly has a stained glass window that honors United Nations).

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Knockin' it outta the park! Keep it up!

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